Welcome To Al Murshidi Group

Al Murshidi Group was founded in the year of 2015 to act as Umbrella to many companies fully or partially owned by His Excellency Hamdan Mohamed Al Murshidi, some of these companies has over than  15 years in the market.  in United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Hungary, and Philippines.

Al Murshidi  Group  operate  on several fields of global Market, from trading, investments,  services and  more, Al Murshidi group with its companies  has done work in several countries , and lead  many  successful take overs, buy out and  investments,  as well opening new market to several of our clients around the world.

Who Is Al Murshidi Group

To become a global leader and most trusted partner on each industry we operate on.
To provide excellent trade service to our clients, customers, and partners to help them achieve their business goals.
provide a high quality and innovative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

our values are driven by four core values:

  • Act with integrity at all times.
  • Work with passion and a commitment to our clients’ success.
  • Effective teamwork, act with respect and sharing towards each other.
  • Strive for excellence in everything we do .

These values are the basis of our global corporate concepts.

The Brain Behind Our Success:

  • The Founder and President of Al Murshidi Group.
  • President & Chairman of the Board, Arab Business Club.
  • Board Member, World Fashion Organization.
  • Board Member, US Halal Association.
  • President, Northern Star Publishing & Distribution.
  • CEO, Al Remal Al Mutaharika Antique Trading LLC.
  • President, WT International General Trading.
  • Chairman, World Islamic Fashion Week.
  • Group President for Middle East and North Africa, World Fashion Brands & Merchandising group.
  • President Al Murshidi International Development CO. LTD. ( Sudan)

Our Happy Clients